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Syzygy Online Gamers

What's in a Name?

The meaning of Syzygy is the straight line configuration of three celestial bodies (as the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon) in a gravitational system. This lining up is a core tenet of SOG and is reflected in our leadership.

Syzygy Online Gamers - three Guild Leaders working together to create a more harmonious and successful whole. The Guild Leaders rotate the leadership of the guild and must come together in agreement over guild policies and decisions. This ensures a balanced point of view for the guild as a whole.

Guild Leaders

Overime - enjoys PVP
Meshamsham - likes PVE
iKiLL - collects battle pets

Guild Ranks

Warchief - Vol'jin - Leader of the Horde - our family
High Warlord - Meshamsham
Warlord - Overtime
General - iKill

1st Lieutenant - rank given to our most active players
Champion - this rank can be earned (see below)
Legionnaire - this rank can be earned (see below)
1st Sergeant - rank give to very active players
Sergeant - rank given after one month as a guild member
Grunt - stationary rank for alts
Scout - new guild member

Earned Ranks

Some players love a challenge and want to be highly involved in the game. In recognition of this, SOG offers two ranks which can be earned via achievement of a number of feats in game.

  1. For the Horde achievement
  2. Black Lamb pet
  3. 50 Battle pets
  4. Exalted reputation with your character race
  5. 10 mounts

  1. Achieve Legionnaire rank
  2. Exalted with Orgrimmar
  3. Sporeggar Tabard
  4. 250 Battle pets
  5. Little Black Ram pet
  6. 50 mounts

Who Can Do Invites?

If you've recruited a new player to the guild or just need an invite for an alt, the following guild ranks can do invites:

Guild Leaders: High Warlord, Warlord, General
Ranks: 1st Lieutenant, 1st Sergeant

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